The Goal is the ultimate under dog story. It’s about family, It’s Winning, It’s Losing, It’s about Living! It’s the Journey within…

The way you run is a reflection of The Goal you seek.

The Goal Voted Best Local Sports Film of 2007

Move over, Murderball ! The latest in quad-rugby films, The Goal, was jam-packed with Denver love.


Retired NBA player Mike Glenn plays himself in this film inspired by his real life basketball camps for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.

A group of misfit teens arrive at the 33rd annual basketball camp, which is the first time girls will attend the camp.

Some come with hopes of hoop dreams and others are just trying to survive tumultuous teen angst.

Not only do they learn life lessons through the game of basketball, but they soon learn what it means to soar like an Eagle, Win or Lose.

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A movie about never being too old to start something new. They said "B" gone, "B" over the hill and you ain't gonna "B" working here.  We say ...What good are chances that you never take, life leaves no room for regrets, so dream!

Award winning Colorado filmmaker Darla Rae has reached out to offer “Britain’s Got Talent” contestant and overnight Internet sensation Susan Boyle, a part in the feature film SECTION B.

SECTION B ( is now in pre-production with a cast and crew including music icon Cyndi Lauper, award winning actress Tippi Hedren, actress/model Marla Maples, Maples daughter Tiffany Trump (in her acting debut), ‘America’s Got Talent’ finalist Queen Emily David, Steven Parker (ER, Juno) and legendary cinematographer William ”Billy” Fraker (Tombstone, Rosemary’s Baby).


We are excited to announce the DVD Release of the Award Winning Documentary
Dandy Kids.

Only $20!

A percentage of the proceeds will directly support ongoing medical research


PSG provides advocates for victims of Domestic Violence.
If you or someone you know is a victim of DV please contact


South Beach, Florida -  Perchance to Dream, produced by Solace Skies and Film It Productions made its world premiere on Friday March 27th, 2009 at 8pm during the South Beach International Animation Festival winning "Best Animated Short for 2009."  "Perchance to Dream” offers a new prospective in the life of Miami Seaquarium’s star performer “Lolita” 

Making Burros Fly
The French American

A Celebrated WWII hero - A story of Love and War that transcends time.

U.S.-born Frenchman John Tschirhart yearned for a life in France with his beloved Malou. When Germany invaded France in 1940, Americans were ordered to repatriate to the U.S., and John went to live with relatives in Texas, where he learned English and became Americanized. Enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Corps, he flew missions over France and served on the ground on D-Day. All the while, Malou was risking her life working with the French Resistance. On the eve of the Liberation of Paris, John raced to learn Malou’s fate and find meaning in his own life.


"FACES" is a short film which showcases different types of Domestic Violence and Abuse while asking us to be a part of the solution.

We all know someone who is a survivor of Domestic Violence, and most likely someone who is currently experiencing Domestic Violence.

"FACES" raises our awareness once again to the National statistics of Domestic Violence while introducing us to Project Safeguard.

Project Safeguard is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit organization who provides Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence, and guides them through the Civil Protection Order process.

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She dazzles and she amazes, but what happens behind those intelligent and soulful eyes?

What happens when the world’s top predator is turned into a circus clown? Animator, and Director Lauren Kimball was inspired to create “Perchance to Dream" while doing research to enhance her ability to animate animal movements.


“Making Burros Fly” A documentary based on the Life and experiences of Cleveland Amory, and those who knew him.

Directed by Darla Rae and produced by Darla Rae, Karen Hemmerle, and Kathy Ship.

Casa de Fe
House of Faith

Following in the footsteps of                                                                                                                                                             missionaries gone before,
a retired military officer sets                                                                                                                                                                         off into the mission fields
to build wheelchairs for disabled                                                                                                                                                                 children only to find out
God has a deeper calling                                                                                                                                                                           to care for the unwanted children
of the Rainforest in a place called "Shell".
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