The Goal

Film-It Productions is a multiple-award winning production company located in Denver, Colorado. Its first feature film, THE GOAL, was produced, directed and written by Darla Rae. Garnering eight International Film Festival Awards, the film has worldwide DVD and television distribution, including pay-per-view cable, and is available in seven countries.

THE GOAL tells a compelling true story about two athletes facing overwhelming odds to reach their goals. The focus of the film centers on the importance of family and winning.

100 Huntley Street Television, Full Circle says:  The Goal is Two Thumbs up for family Entertainment. Everyone should see it!

"On the Line” television says:  The Goal is remarkable! Inspiring to all who see it.

ABC Sports Anchor Lionel Bienvenu:  The Goal is Emotional and Real!

Author Janet Parshall: "The Goal" is...
"An outstanding film"
"There is a perseverance aspect to this movie"
"Good storytelling is told on multiple levels and that's exactly what Darla did in this film."
"A wonderful piece of art!"
"A wonderful film. The ultimate story of the underdog."
"A film that softens the outside of the human heart."

Dr. Ted Baehr of MovieGuide Magazine...
"The GOAL has a big heart and its heart will win over the audience in the end.
THE GOAL has such a compelling story and big heart that it's well worth watching. ... MOVIEGUIDE urges people of faith and values to see THE GOAL."

The Goal is available for youth and women’s group meetings and church screenings. It is also appropriate for youth sports groups and men groups.
The film received 4 doves by the Dove foundation and has been approved for family viewing by all ages.

Producer, Director, screenwriter, Darla Rae is available for speaking engagements and Q&A’s following screenings of The Goal. To book Darla Rae or a private screening of The Goal contact
or call 720-620-0536
Copies are available through Film-itproductions for fundraising events.

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