For Immediate Release October 12, 2006
Contact: Nicole Allen, PR Director (720) 435-5138

Pastor Richard Harper and his wife were privileged to a screening of the full feature length movie The Goal. They were amazed to have their emotions captured by the story. Especially with such tragic events at the beginning the movie, the conclusion of The Goal sees the actors delighted and rejoicing to see how God had worked in the midst of a tragic event.

The Goal has portrayed life’s reality. “Everything in our live’s is not good and is even sometimes tragic.” admits Pastor Harper. “However, when we trust God through all events of our life, He will indeed cause everything to work together for our good (Romans 8:28)”.
The Goal has certainly portrayed this spiritual principle of life. Many members of the Gadsden area and from CrossPoint Community Church have enjoyed seeing this movie, as director Darla Rae has been there for screenings in support of local area charities and organizations.

Question and Answer sessions follow many of the upcoming showing in Alabama and Houston. Please call for interviews to be booked directly with Darla Rae. 


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